Body Basics COVID-19 Safety Plan

To ensure a safe, healthy and hygienic environment, the following safety plan has been developed so all members of Body Basics Health and Fitness Queanbeyan reduce the rate of transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace and in the community. To minimise exposure and transmission of COVID-19 ensures there is no disruption to business operations at Body Basics and the business community in the long term.

The key recommendations by public health authorities to control the transmission of the coronavirus are:

  1. Physical distancing

  2. Practice good hygiene, clean and disinfect your environment, wear a mask

  3. Stay at home if you are unwell and have any symptoms of the virus

  4. Contact tracing

Our responsibility is to provide staff and members with the most up to date information on personal hygiene protocols which we have now been implemented at Body Basics. We have requested all staff complete the Australian Government online COVID19 infection control training module and we have also communicated this safety plan to them.

We aim to provide frequent communication (e.g. social media posts, signage, email updates) with staff and members to reinforce all COVID-19 related policies and procedures. It is members responsibility to stay up to date with these by checking emails and social media post regularly.


1. Physical distancing.

All members must ensure they exercise within a 4 square metre area away from other people exercising. There are some changes to the layout of equipment at Body Basics to ensure social distancing. This includes the moving of the functional training area into the group fitness area and the Hammer Strength equipment from the main gym 1 has been moved into the now called, main gym 2.


While training and working out in Body Basics we ask all members and staff to abide by the following guidelines:

  • maintain a physical distance of 1.5 metres from any other person whilst working or using fitness facilities. In training areas refer to the crosses on the floor as a guide.

  • There will be restrictions on the number of  people in each training area / space;

    • Main gym 1 – 30 people

    • Main gym 2 – 25 people

    • Group fitness / functional – 20 people

    • Group fitness / functional classes – 20 people

    • Heavy lifting room – 10 people

    • Cardio training – 15 people

    • Mezzanine level – 5 people

  • Once you have completed your training or work out please leave the premises and do not congregate or socialise.

  • Do not move any of the weight training equipment. It has been laid out so there is a minimum of a 1.5 metre gap between equipment.

  • Only use the treadmills which do not have the red and white tapping across them.


2. Hygiene – cleaning and disinfecting, wearing a mask.

Body Basics has always had a cleaning and disinfecting protocol. It now just as important that all members clean and disinfect equipment to help reduce the risk of transmission. The following guidelines are compulsory when using all equipment and facilities at Body Basics:

  • All members will be required to wear a mask while training at Body Basics. 

  • Clean your hands regularly. Best practice is to do this when you start your workout or training session and at the end when before you leave

  • Use the hand sanitiser which can be found throughout the club upon entering and leaving training areas.

  • Clean every piece of equipment you before and after you have used and focus on the touch points with the paper towel and disinfectant spray located in each area. This includes:

    • The handle bars, seat and entire frame on spin bikes

    • The plates, bars, collars and steps used in group fitness classes such as Body Pump

    • The vinyl on benches, Hammer Strength and pin loaded equipment

    • Any point where hands or skin come in contact with a surface including barbells, dumbbells, handles, weight plates and collars

    • All exercise mats

    • All areas on cardio equipment which has been in contact with skin or air particles from breathing including handles, frames, seats and screens

  • Avoid leaning up against equipment and on walls

  • Towels must be used by all members and placed over any equipment to minimise skin contact and must be used to wipe off sweat after use before cleaning and disinfecting. We also highly recommend members bring there own water bottle and exercise mats.

Body Basics has implemented a protocol which increases the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting all equipment within the club. This will include thorough cleaning after business periods as well as normal scheduled cleaning times.


3. Stay at home if you are unwell

If you are feeling unwell, you should not train. Training will place more stress on your body and will make recovery harder. Training while unwell will also increase the risk of spreading whatever illness you may have. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath and fatigue), or suspect they may have been infected with COVID-19 (this includes close contact with another person diagnosed with COVID-19) you must self-isolate and not attend Body Basics. If you show signs or symptoms of COVID-19 while inside Body Basics you will be asked to leave the club.


4. Contact Tracing

A key component of managing the COVID-19 pandemic and reducing transmission of infection in the community, is rapid and effective contact tracing. Contact tracing is undertaken by public health authorities. To support public health authorities with contact tracing Body Basics will:

  • Provide a QR Code at the entrance of the club. All members must scan before they enter the club.

  • Maintain a digital Register of Attendance of all persons who use the club. For members you must fob in on every visit.

  • For casual members, you will be required to complete a sign in register.

When or if required, Body Basics will providing government authorities with member access logs and permitted contact details for the purposes of contact-tracing with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19.